John David Beckett Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick, is a member of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. From humble beginnings, he is the son of Jamaican immigrants. John Taylor was brought up in the industrial heartland of Birmingham, England. In 1996 he became the only black peer amongst 1,700 Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Viscounts, Bishops, Barons and Law Lords. He took the title The Right Honorable Lord Taylor of Warwick. At the time of his appointment he was the only black Lord and one of the youngest in the upper house. Lord Taylor was the First Black Government Special Advisor in Britain, advising the Home Secretary and Ministers of State. He went on to become the First Black conservative Peer. Lord John Taylor introduced and carried through the Criminal Evidence Amendment Act 1997, which established Britain’s first ever DNA Database. Baron Taylor was a district councilor, called to the bar as a Barrister-at-Law, and appointed by the Lord Chancellor as a judge. He established an International Leadership Academy, the Warwick Leadership Academy (formerly WLF) in 1997, mentoring future world business and political leaders from over 50 nations worldwide. He is listed as one of the 100 Great Black Britons and was the first Black Baron to have his portrait in the London National Portrait Gallery.