Meeting Date:


26th October 2015

FinTech has the capacity to help foster ​financial inclusion, facilitating access to banking and other financial products for a diverse ​cross section of society who are excluded or partly excluded from ​mainstream financial services.

Globally, the number of people without any access to banking services known as the ‘unbanked’- number almost 2 billion, whilst here in the United Kingdom 2 million individuals lack such basic access. It is against this backdrop that FinTech companies can make a real and lasting difference.

The discussion will focus on how emerging technologies- from the use of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending to financial planning tools- will help spread access to finance, to all citizens and business in the UK.

We will provide a briefing for all MPs’ and staff on how FinTech is shaping the future of financial inclusion, and how to help constituents who are struggling to find finance. There will be a photo opportunity at the end, together with a template press release which we will send to all attending MPs.

This is an invite-only event for Parliamentarians and staff.

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