Innovate Finance Manifesto UK 2020

Who is Innovate Finance?

Innovate Finance is an independent membership-based industry organisation that aims to advance the UK’s standing as a leader in financial technology (FinTech) innovation both domestically and abroad. Members range from the world’s leading global corporations to the UK’s most promising FinTech start-ups who through Innovate Finance, receive a single point of access to policy makers, regulators, investors, customers, educators, talent and key commercial partners.

Project Innovate: Next Steps

Project Innovate went live at the FCA in October 2014. Our aim is to make sure that:

  • We encourage innovation in the interests of consumers.
  • We promote competition through disruptive innovation − innovation that offers new services to customers and challenges existing business models.

Osborne continues to push for FinTech

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, last night delivered his annual Mansion House speech. I was present at the dinner and delighted to hear that the RBS sell-off wasn’t the only piece of interesting news; like his Budget Speech in March, Osborne iterated that Britain’s FinTech revolution was front and centre in his vision for a better future for financial services.

What the future may hold for Fintech after the UK general election

With the UK General Election just six weeks away, the recent Budget was an opportune time for The Chancellor, George Osborne, to set out his stall and give the UK electorate a glimpse of what a Conservative-led Government after the election would prioritise. Among the macroeconomic announcements and promises were policies solely aimed at the growing financial technology (Fintech) sector. Both the Conservative Party and Labour Party now recognise the importance of this budding industry and have been quick to publicise their aspirations for the sector, should they lead the next Government.