What the future may hold for Fintech after the UK general election

With the UK General Election just six weeks away, the recent Budget was an opportune time for The Chancellor, George Osborne, to set out his stall and give the UK electorate a glimpse of what a Conservative-led Government after the election would prioritise. Among the macroeconomic announcements and promises were policies solely aimed at the growing financial technology (Fintech) sector. Both the Conservative Party and Labour Party now recognise the importance of this budding industry and have been quick to publicise their aspirations for the sector, should they lead the next Government.

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Budget 2015: First look at the policies for technology

Chancellor George Osborne announced a range of Budget measures to help the growth of technology and digital government across the UK. The Chancellor, George Osborne, has delivered his final Budget before the 2015 general election – and has included a range of measures to help support the growth of technology and digital government across the UK.…

Chancellor George Osborne Calls UK the “Comeback Country” as He Touts FinTech, Innovation & More

At the annual presentation of the budget to the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne checked off a wide ranging list of successes as the UK economy has segregated itself from much of the rest of Europe.  The contrast between the years of the Great Recession remain stark for all, but according to Osborne the UK has entered a new phase of growth and innovation.  Osborne asserted that Great Britain has “grown faster than any other major advanced economy in the world” at 2.6% and “more people have jobs in Britain than ever before”.  Osborne expects economic growth to be around 2.5% for 2015.